2018 Bay Area Seminoles Championship Conditioning

Our training program give strength and conditioning to young athletes to improve their football conditioning. This championship conditioning program focuses on conditioning, technique, and nutrition in order to maximize full potential in game play.

2018 Bay Area Seminoles Youth Football Positional Training & Clinic

The Seminole U youth football positional training & clinics was designed to give youth football players focused position specific training along with film study to improve their game. Our vision is to give position specific attention to technique and fundamentals through position drills and college style position meetings. This clinic will give our athletes a first-hand experience to college style practice, preparation, and game planning.

2018 Bay Area Seminoles Tryouts

Please come fully prepared to give your best effort. We are looking for the players who want to work hard, have the right attitude and are coachable. Players should be dressed in football attire, stretch and be prepared to go on time.

Good luck with your tryout and we hope to see you in a Seminoles uniform. Register for 2018 tryouts below.